Therapeutic Tango

Therapeutic Tango workshop hove

tango-logoIn Therapeutic Tango no one waits to be invited – everyone dances. You might not see yourself as a dancer so you may be amazed at how you beautifully you CAN dance when you are relaxed and in touch with your feelings.

You do not need to be a dancer to participate as the focus will be on connecting with yourself and others.

This technique can bring huge insight into your life and relationships. Couples can improve their relationships enormously from Therapeutic Tango.

It Takes 2 to Tango!

How will it help? Therapeutic Tango will be used as a tool to connect to oneself, the other person and the music.

There will also be some group processing taking place during the course of the Therapeutic Tango sessions.

Genevieve runs Therapeutic Tango workshops every month on Thursdays in The Studio, 59 Lyndhurst Road, Hove from 8pm-10pm. Fee £15. Contact Genevieve to find out the next date.