Clinical Supervision

shingle1100Professional consultation and clinical supervision

Genevieve Picquart provides individual and group consultation services, and possesses over 15 years’ training in this area. Genevieve’s clinical supervision services are designed to benefit professionals and improve their working relationships, which in turn benefits the business.


Benefits of professional consultation and clinical supervision:-

  • Conflict resolution and prevention
  • Interpersonal and workplace dispute resolution
  • Communication improvement
  • Works with trained and student Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • 19 years training for a range of issues
  • Professional and reliable counselling for short and long term issues

Professional consultation and clinical supervision services can assist you and other members of your workplace when experiencing a conflicting issue that is proving difficult to resolve.

Genevieve Picquart’s consultation and clinical supervision services can help the affected parties reach an understanding, improving workplace relationships and productivity.

Fees £52 for 50 mins.

Call Now: 01273 730 520

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